Manjishta Goat Milk Soap

Benefits of Manjishta Soap

  • Improves skin Complexion and overall look of the skin
  • reduce blemish marks
  • soothing effect on dry and sensitive skin
  • prevent acne

For best results, moisten the soap and rub it several times with your hands. Then apply the soap to your skin with your hands and massage lightly with circular movements. You can also use a skin brush or a loofah sponge for this. Rinse off with warm water.



Manjistha consists of dried roots of Rubia cordifolia L. (family Rubiaceae).

The antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory activities of Manjistha are beneficial for the skin. Manjistha extract inhibits the acne-causing bacteria and is helpful in managing external inflammations like ulcers and skin conditions.

Manjistha is beneficial in managing wounds, psoriasis, liver damage, heart disorders, cancer, diabetes, and acne.

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