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Best Selling Products

Charcoal Soap

Charcoal Soap

₹ 60 MRP ₹ 120

Triphala Facewash

₹ 90 MRP ₹ 180

Strawberry Lip Balm

₹ 70 MRP ₹ 150

Manjishta Chapstick

₹ 130 MRP ₹ 250

Popular Products

Baby Soap

₹ 100 MRP ₹ 350

Anti Dandruff Pack

₹ 150 MRP ₹ 350

Foot Balm

₹ 40 MRP ₹ 90

Manjishtadi Lip Balm

₹ 80 MRP ₹ 200

Buy Ayurvedic products online through Ayur Laavanyam and give your skin the natural care and love it deserves.

Ayurveda is a holistic method of healing, with an emphasis on prevention rather than the cure of disease. Created with love, Ayur Laavanyam makes sure every skin type is treated uniquely and with abundant care. We create products with ingredients in their purest form, recipes from ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, and the assurance that your skin is naturally treated.

Cosmetic products shouldn’t necessarily be loaded with harsh chemicals and formulas that will eventually damage your skin. We assure natural and herbal products with no artificial preservatives.

Hair Care

Shine & Strength: Effective Hair Care for Vibrant Tresses

Skin Care

Timeless Beauty: Unlock Your Skin Radiance

Health Care

Vital Wellness: Nurturing Your Health, Inside and Out

Customized products available based on your skin type!!

Trending Products

Papaya Soap

₹ 60 MRP ₹ 120

Hair Growth Oil

₹ 180 MRP ₹ 320

Goat Milk Soap

₹ 60 MRP ₹ 150

Beetroot Lip Balm

₹ 80 MRP ₹ 170

Customers Reviews

Highly recommended. I use the product Mukhalepa choora regularly and really happy with the result. It helped me to get rid of the dark circles under eyes. There is no side effects and easy to use.

A happy customer is worth more than a crore

The best place to get pure ayurvedic handmade products... If u r searching for a good skin care product then without any doubt u can approach Ayur Laavanyam becz it's d best choice u could ever make.
Dr Alisha
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